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 Admin Request

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PostSubject: Admin Request   Mon May 23, 2016 8:46 pm

IRP- Admin Request

Application Requirements

- Basic English language communication skills.

- At least 10 PH/Playing Hours.

- At least 25 forum posts.

- At least level 5 in game

- You can only post 1 (one) admin application. You are allowed to update your application.

- If you do not meet the requirements, your application will be DENIED.

Application Format

You need to post a new topic in this board in order to apply for admin. Your application requires the following format:

What is your In Game Name:
How old are you:
how many hour you have in game?:
Where are you from(country):
How long have you been playing RP:
How long have you been Roleplaying on RP:
Why would you like to become administrate in RP:
How long have you been with RP:
What is Your Time Zone:
Pic of Stats


What is your level :
How long have you been playing here in RP :
Are you in a family / faction : [YES/NO] (If yes , what is it?)


If you saw Someone Meta gaming & nbsp ;
If you saw Someone deathmatching someone what will you do to him?:
If you saw Someone Ramming A player what will you do?:
If you saw someone running with his car in a non-rp way what will you do?:
If you saw a car parked in a wrong way or a not parking place , what will you do?:

- If you do not follow the format, your application will be DENIED.
- A blank line between bullet points is required.
- Do NOT round your scores. Post the accurate numbers.

Application Review Process

- Application reviews may take several days or weeks to complete. The review time depends on many factors.

- Applications are NOT related to each other. The application creation date does not matter. Old applications are not necessarily reviewed before new applications.

- Do not request information about your application in ANY POSSIBLE WAY. Such requests will be ignored, your application will be denied and you will risk a SA-MP server and forum ban.

- Do not copy motivations from other players, It's  DISALLOWED to copy the motivation that someone else has already created.
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Admin Request
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