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 GOV-Budget And Safe.

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PostSubject: GOV-Budget And Safe.   Mon Aug 15, 2016 11:04 am

The Government
Budget and Safe.

The budget:
Our current budget is:
3,000,000$ for the renovation of the city streets/roads.
2,500,000$ to buy new tanks for the army.
1,000,000$ to add ships to the army.
500,000$ to buy and fix the current SFFMD's ambulances.
1,000,000$ to provide all the LEO factions with a new set of tazers and weapons.
4,000,000$ to pay all the staff salaries for 1 year.

The safe:
We currently have 70,000,000$ in our safe, thanks to your help!
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GOV-Budget And Safe.
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