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 Admin Application

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Mickey Shane
Head Admin
Head Admin

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PostSubject: Admin Application   Mon Jul 11, 2016 3:26 pm

What is your In Game Name:Mickey_Shane

How old are you:20

how many hour you have in game?:6

Where are you from(country):Pakistan

How long have you been playing RP:2 year

How long have you been Roleplaying on RP:4-5 hours

Why would you like to become administrate in RP:Hello Reniel Godoyo and all respect admins.I'm 20 year old and live in Pakistan.The time is GTM+05:00.I started up with Irish server.I have a lot of knowledge of the responsibilities of an admin.I would like to become admin of this server because i love watching people have fun meeting new friends.I also made this application because I feel I can deal with this server and this my opportunity to show you what can i do for this server .I hope you can give me that opportunity.I'm able to do just about anything I am needed to and I can be very flexible with my schedule.I also feel confident because I was with this too many hackers.I am quite mature and level-headed,yet I'm still up to have a laugh when the time is right.Being mature will be useful since I bet that in some situation I could be in deep and trying to resolve an argument.

I believe that I am a good player as I'm very respectful,clam and sensible person.I understand you probably read this is every application but I do take enjoyment from providing assistance to those who need.I am able to remain clam and relaxed in stressful situation,a trait I feel is essential for admins to have.I can also have a joke but only when appropriate.I have a lot of free time in my hand and i have nothing else to do.

I feel that I personally fit this position as a mod as I have the skills and quality's to become a member of the admin team. From the moment when I started playing on this server I always wanted to be apart of the admin team, as they do a great job keeping the server running and making sure everyone on the server has a good and enjoyable time. I have always been interested in being apart of the team but I found that a way of doing the same job is to helps new and experienced players to ask each other questions about the server and to help other member of the server.

I could bring my judgement to the team as I always think decision through and what the possible outcomes are, positive and negative and I also make sure I get both side opinion to make sure the outcome is fair on both sides.I try my best to help other players and I feel do that very well.I am very dedicated to the server and the members on it. i would never turn my back on them and I will sticking around for as long as everyone else does.

I also really friendly to people that I have a good sense of humor.I take a lot of things light hearted and try and take positive out of negative and I am also a quick learner, so therefore anything I need to learn and enforce I can do it very quickly and efficiently.

How long have you been with RP: 5 hours

What is Your Time Zone:GTM+05:00


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PostSubject: Re: Admin Application   Mon Jul 11, 2016 3:49 pm

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Admin Application
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