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RP Guide

Learn more about RP and Roleplay basic Vocabulary

Hei I come with a new guide, more completed one btw so let's get to the point.

As far as I know, some people on this server weren't know complete mean of Roleplaying, they just think short of it. Like DM is just killing someone without any reason, or MG is when I am only call someone to meet somewhere through /o. No, every part of RP has deep explanation, and affect every aspect on the game, So in this post I'll try to explain Role Playing Basic Vocabulary, so next time you can decided which is MG, PG, RK, DM etc.

Roleplay (RP)

Role Play taking a role and playing it that's common SAMP Game Mode, when Playing on Role Play server, you're like playing a drama, don't worry it's not so bored like you think. It's fun as long as you keep it realistic Smile

In Character (IC)

IC is your character, example me, my In Game Character is Kazuya Nakata. I am acting like Kazuya Nakata in-game, like on my gang story Kazuya Nakata is, calm person, stubborn, patient, and like to smile. This is character that we control about it. and Don't mixing either your feeling, character with or anything OOC in IC Smile. Example : In-Game I was Travis enemy, Everytime there are points avalaible we mock in each other shoot each other and says he's mo***, mot****** etc. But that's IC Smile OOC we're friends Smile

Out of Character (OOC)

Out of Character is us, who control our IC character. You can talk OOC using /b /pm and /f you're allowed to talk OOCly everything about your OOC but not about IC that will be considered as Mixing or kinda more like MG. And remember you're not allowed to OOC Insult other than IC. and your OOC information/things shouldn't affect your IC actions.

Metagaming (MG)

You're using OOC Information or Your Information and bring it into your In-Character, that's not tolerated and forbidden, it's like you find out someone In Character information through your OOC Actions.

Ex : You meet person B and it's name Sarah, but you never met her In-Game then you look her name above his head and say "Hi Sarah wants to marry me?" That's MG because your OOC ( you the one who control it ) read Sarah name above his head then you use that on your In-Character to say hello to her. Work as well with the Armor and Health status.

A right way to get another person's name is asking them. "Hi, what's your name, I'm Max!" Person B replies: "Hey Max, I'm Sarah, nice to meet you!" - use this. without metagaming.

Powergaming (PG)

Powergaming has two definition : 1. Forcing another into RP Situation
2. Doing unrealistic things, that you can't do in real life.

1. Forcing RP
ex : You want to kill someone let's name him Travis.
/me Aim his deagle to Travis head and blow his head - WRONG

you have to give him the chance to resist
ex: /me Aim his deagle to Travis head and try to shoot him.
/do S/F ?
Travis : /do F Because it's to far and he crouching before the bullet hit his head.
He can resist but he have to resist with realistic roleplay.

The second example: doing unrealistic things.
/me takes a can and throws it full power, and it falls to the moon. - .WRONG.
No one could do that In Real Life. You must be realistic.

Sadly, people abuse the powergaming rule, since they are so smart and tough that they think they can resist everything.

DeathMatch (DM)

DM is killing a player for no reason. Just shooting them because he likes to shoot and kill, and it's forbidden.

Revenge Kill (RK) - attempt to physically harm a player who killed you before for the same reason - killing you. Some people think that Revenge Kill is only when you actually kill the person, but it is also a physical harm. This is simple - you are going to kill your killer, for revenge. You can't do that, because of a simple rule - when you "die" (critically injured, unless it's a Player Kill), you lose 30 minutes of memory. So you can't remember who killed you.
Associated with Metagaming (Above)

Kill on Sight (KoS)

either killing everybody you see (associates with DeathMatching, see above), or killing a certain person you hate as many times as you want. This is forbidden and not tolerated.

Driver Dirive-by (DDB)

shooting from a driver's position with a MP5/uzi/Tec-9. Forbidden, why? Because it's very fast and auto-aims at the target. Only your mates sitting in passenger's position may shoot.

Car Ramming

attempt to physically harm a player or his vehicle with a vehicle. Forbidden, because it increases Non-Roleplay.

non-RP Name

a name which isn't suitable In Real Life. So you got kicked for it, eh? A name cannot be non-sense, such as "12345_ewrs", the First Name and Last Name first letters must be capitalized, and the name can't have numbers. In short, give your character a name your mother would give to you.

Example of a good roleplay name: Travis_Johnson

Car Park

harming a player with your vehicle planted on him. This is not allowed simply because that it would be abused.

Spawn Killing

repeatedly killing players/player where they spawn (hospital). Almost the same with DM and KoS

Refusing RP

You use Alt Tab, /q or Esc and Exit game to avoid death, Arrest or even RP situation, IRL you can't just freeze then disappear.

Exploit and Abusing Bugs

Simple, it's just exploiting game/script bugs for your advantage. Not gonna say any examples, as people might abuse them. (lol)

Chicken Running

Running in zigzags to avoid being shot at (with this kind of sync, hard to hit.). It's running like a retard from side to side. If you don't want to get jailed for Chicken Running, run straight forward.

Crack Shooting

exploiting an animation to shoot faster with a deagle/shotgun. It is, pressing some buttons (not gonna say), to avoid the shooting animation of a deagle/shotgun (most used, you can CS with other guns, but not so effectively as these), and you can shoot faster. Associated with Exploiting (see above)

Quick Swapping

exploiting a bug making a gun go automatically reloaded without an animation.

Example: You have 100 bullets, 7 in a clip. You shoot 6 bullets, switch your gun with other one and switch to the same back. Instead of 1 bullet, you have another 7.

Bunny Hop

holding "sprint" button and jumping at the same time to travel faster. Associates with non-RPing, no one jumps In Real Life to travel faster.

RushTaze - tazing a suspect who is shooting or aiming at you. Simple, you won't risk your life doing it, in Real Life, you would respond with fire.

Healing on Brawl or Gunfight

Just as it's named. You can't heal in gun fight, or a brawl. You must either make sure you've completely evaded/eliminated your threat, and go to replenish your health points. Even better, call an ambulance and RP. Healing includes getting armor in any way. (including drugs) Since this ain't a hardcore roleplay server, just healing after you evaded/eliminated your opponent by sprunk/meals is OK. (Not punishable here )

Player Kill

It's not the same as a normal kill is. You will lose your memory, and status in faction, and sometimes, depending on a type, you lose cars, money and such. In order to PK someone, you must show great RP on the kill.

Character Kill (CK)

This is the ultimate kill. If you get CKed, or CK yourself, you will lose everything. Your vehicles, houses gets asold, money gets removed. The account is sometimes banned (only the account's name, not the IP.) It is a must to completely roleplay it. In some servers, you get CK if you pass the ammount of times you can die. (Normal death)

Gun From Ass

Gun from ass - Non-RPing taking a gun out of inventory aka scrolling to change/draw a weapon. GTASA doesn't have an animation of drawing out a weapon (unlike GTAIV), so if possible, you should Rply take your gun out with /me, but it isn't required.

Example: /me takes out a deagle from his inner shirt pocket.

Be caution with this, sometime people doing unrealistic things too, not RPing big guns properly
ex: /me takes out an AK47 behind his jacket - WRONG

you can't put an AK behind your jacket, you have to RPly first with /do
ex: /do bring a big black bag
/me Put down the bag open it up and take AK inside
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