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 Derek's LSPD application

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Trial Admin

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PostSubject: Derek's LSPD application   Sat May 28, 2016 7:50 pm

Name: Derek
Lastname: Lancer
Phone Number: -25

Why do you want to join the LSPD?(100+ words minimum) During my childhood I - like many others of my age - liked to watch action movies and movies regarding police work. As it turned out, I found the Law Enforcement category much interesting, which eventually has made be apply. I'd like to participate in the network of officers in Los Santos; I'm a happy and social guy, and I work very well in a team.

Why should we choose you? What are your qualities?(125+ words minimum)
I posses basic knowledge within the Law and Order of the United States of America, and therefore I have a prediction about what's the whole point with the assignments of the path of the officer.

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PostSubject: Re: Derek's LSPD application   Thu Jun 02, 2016 1:08 pm

Accepted Wait me at IG I Will Make you r3 Come ig right now
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Derek's LSPD application
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