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 Derek's Admin Apllication

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PostSubject: Derek's Admin Apllication   Tue May 24, 2016 1:16 pm

PostSubject: [AdminApplication] Derek Lancer
Basic Information Questions:

In-Game Name(Or Previous Names): Derak Lancer
Your Real Life Age: 14 (Fourteen)
Country: Philippines
Timezone(GMT): GMT +8:00

Basic Irish Gaming Roleplay Questions:

When did you begin or join I:RP: I joined today, but I was online for an half an hour, I believe so.
How did you find out about I:RP: Well, my friend told me - Dante Chambers
Are you active in-game, forums TS3: Well, I can't say that I'm active, but I'll be active in future because I currently joined.
How long have you been playing on our SA-MP RP Server: I'm playing Grand Theft Auto SAMP for four years now.
What is your daily gaming schedule on I:RP(Ex: How many hours do you play,check forums etc): Well, I'll be mostly online 3-4 hours per day and how many times will I visit the forum, it depends. But I'm sure I will be tuned on forums for daily news.

Basic Background Questions:

Have you ever been warned in-game(If so, what for?): I did not.

Have you been banned from the server(If so, what for?): I did not.

Have you ever been apart of another RP Community(If so, what community?): I did not.

Have you been an Administrator on another SA-MP Server before(If so, for how long?):I've been adminstrator on Continental Gaming Roleplay im former Management and Paradise Gaming Roleplay former Head Admin ,

Have you previously been an Administrator in I:RP SA-MP server? No, I wasn't.

SA-MP Administration Questions:

Why do you want to become a I:RP Administrator: Well, I'd most likely become admin because I want to help the community to find new players and be communicative instead of being outrages. I will participate in any important things, I'll be active, aswell. I'm skilled with english aswell, I can be very helpful. I'm very mature person and I do not get mad under any pressure or such circumstances.

In your own views and words, what do you think a I:RP Administrator does, and what his/her duties are: Well, admins are mostly here to help people around the server, updates, events - Most things admins do is communicate with players around the server, be friendly instead of being helpless.

What would you bring to the server and team, if chosen as a I:RP Administrator: I'll mostly bring good english, fluent language, activity and perhaps GFX's or PS sometimes.

Why should I:RP select you to be a SA-MP Administrator, over anyone else: Because I'm an excellent role-player, I know english language very fluently. Helpful to players and kidding around with admin team.

How would you assist us in fixing and to maintain the I:RP Server as an Administrator: Well, I'd most likely call other players to the server as I would raise up servers activity and population.

Do you consider yourself a helpful person, and someone who can work under pressure. If so, how? I, do consider myself a very helpful person. I can work under alot of pressure no matter what circumstances are.

I:RP SA-MP Administration Application Agreement Questions:
Do you understand that giving false information will lead to a straight denial, and if inducted as an Admin, a straight removal: Yes, I do.

Do you understand the Administration Team works under a hierarchy, which has higher ranks and split powers of authority: Yes, I do.

Do you understand that the I:RP Administration Team, is a "Team", and that we work together to fulfill server and Administrative goals: Yes, I do.

Do you understand that, by applying for a I:RP Administration position, you are fully aware of our SA-MP Server Rules and Forum Regulations: Yes, I do.

Do you understand that, if you are given a I:RP Administration position, you are prohibited to have a position of Staff on another SA-MP Community: Yes, I do.

Do you understand that, if successful in becoming a I:RP Administrator, you will need to be active and that being inactive will hinder your stay within the team: Yes, I do.

Signed: Derek.
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PostSubject: Re: Derek's Admin Apllication   Tue May 24, 2016 1:19 pm

Since we need Admin active Accepted read admin policy to not get demote
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Derek's Admin Apllication
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