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 Federal Bureau of Invistigation Format

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PostSubject: Federal Bureau of Invistigation Format   Tue May 24, 2016 10:23 am

IRP- FBI Format

In Character Information:
Full Name:
Years living in Los Santos (level):
Do you have any Job currently? (If yes tell it)

Was you ever detained or arrested? (If yes, tell the reason)

Do you experience as an officer/agent? (If yes, describe it)

Why would you do to become a good agent? (Minimum of 50 words)

Why you want to join the FBI Explain:

How much time can you be Active?

*Answer the Following RP Terms
[*]RP -
[*]IC -
[*]OOC -
[*]DM -
[*]PG -
[*]RT -
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Federal Bureau of Invistigation Format
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